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Barracuda SN-5 machine is designed to pack snus, tobacco-free chewing mixes, and other friable bulk materials in stick packs.


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Specific Conditions for Wholesale Manufacturers

Our company has constantly worked towards the most efficient solutions to meet your requirements. Primary producers and distributors of packing equipment are always welcome. Our engineering team is always ready to help organize manufacturing complexes and solve non-routine production tasks.
Фасовка кальянного табака

Packaging of hookah tobacco

Automated packaging of hookah tobacco in stick bags or directly in containers is quite a difficult task. The humidity and fraction of such raw materials

Производство жевательного табака

Production of chewing tobacco

Chewing tobacco is a non-smoking tobacco product made from wet tobacco crushed to a certain fraction. Portion chewing tobacco is packed in small stick bags

Проектирование акцизных  комнат

Design of excise rooms

The storage of excise stamps for the production of tobacco products requires special conditions. The room must have a fire alarm system and a security

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