Control System Board Design

Designing and assembling an automated process control system boards. The boards are designed for the utility control and process automation as follows:

  • Motor and gear-motor control,
  • Heater element control (precise adjustment to the settings, heating rate, operating cycles)
  • Stepper motor control (with precision parameter adjustment)
  • Peripheral and sensor control

and much more…

PLC microcontrollers (for large systems) and ATmega2560 (for low-duty and portable systems) are used to control and integrate all the devices into a common system, with the specified parameters.

The functionality can be interfaced with physical buttons/switches, touch panels, or a combination of the said controls.

We design and assemble control boards for both small-size devices with limited function sets and for machines and conveyors with extended functionality, control of several dozens of peripherals with design and touch screen interface, designed specifically for custom purposes.

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